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Actual projects

Hortraco Trading has been active under the name Viscon Australia since 2006 and over the last 4 years we have achieved a significant number of large and smaller projects.


Based on our horticultural background Hortraco Trading started targeting this market first. The Viscon products soon attracted attention from the tomato-on-the-vine industry and within a short period of time Viscon Australia managed to finish over half a dozen medium to large projects, with a number of new projects already underway. These projects include tomato weigh lines, where boxes of 5kg were manually processed, and other equipment to automatically palletise the boxes, prepack the produce and/or buffer the harvest. Existing grading machines were also integrated in the new processing line.

Processing Equipement Processing Equipement


Another succesfully targeted industry is the mushroom industry. The check-weigh line Viscon offered to the mushroom growers appeared to be suiting their needs, with several of these sophisticated products now running. Other mushroom producers decided to take a smaller scale set-up, which was fitted to their requirements and budgets. Since then, some compagnies have already approached us with the request to extend the existing line, because these compagnies now clearly acknowledge the benefits of automation.

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Washing machines

A further popular product is Viscon's industrial washing equipment. Fresh produce and meat producers need their crates and bins to be desinfected for re-use. With taylor-made washing machines, which can include automatic infeed and output, a substantial amount of manual labour can be eliminated, not to mention the savings in water usage. Viscon Australia has installed a substantial number of these machines both in Australia and New Zealand as single units or as part of larger processing line.

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Hatcheries are very receptive for automation. Eggs and chicken need to be processed carefully and with the many handlings involved to process eggs as well as chicken this can be a labour intensive job. With the highly developed systems from Viscon, a major part of the work is taken over by machines, which also further eliminates the risk of infections and transfer of deseases. A number of hatcheries in Australia already benefit from having Viscon systems in place. Please have a look at the Viscon website for more information on this specialisation.

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Other industries

Viscon Australia is investigating the automation demands for many markets and industries. Recently, Viscon has come up with a highly flexible, yet simple and certainly affordable semi-automatic palletiser, which is suited for many products. This unit can give you the freedom of mind by making a lot of manual lifting redundant, which is one of the main OH&S issues in any production line. In short, if you think your production line needs an upgrade or extension or you would like to start automating from scratch, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always open for suggestions and collaborations to design the optimum lay-out for your pusposes, which might even include the development of new equipment.