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Horticultural Products for Growers

Hortraco stands for HORticultural TRAding COmpany and is serving a large number of nurseries and flower growers as well as fruit and vegetable growers in Australia. Our complete range of products is our foundation for being a large player in the wholesale of horticultural sundries and equipment.

Hortraco has been in business since 1986 and gradually shifted focus towards the grower’s side of the horticultural industry. Additionally, we specialized in the automated processing of various produces, based on the experiences of the world's horticultural industry.

The main concept of our business is to serve the client with the best products available on the market. Since 99% of our products are sourced overseas, we have made sure that the majority of these products are in stock. On the other hand, we also offer a highly flexible service, allowing containers to go directly to clients. This saves both money and time and gives our clients the possibilities to bulk buy against reduced prices.


Nurseries have a strong market to work with. With the Australian population further growing and developing, many small and large scale landscaping projects continuously evolve. We are happy to support those companies with a large range of products.

We supply nurseries with trays and pots which give them a modern look, based on our colourful assortment of pots and trays. Also in the Nursery segment, we can serve you with plant nutrition, growth support utensils, processing automation and greenhouse equipment.

Flower growers

Hortraco Trading has its roots in this market. Initially focussing on the flower growing market we are well stocked in terms of packaging materials like plastic sleeves and sheets, tying and binding tools and materials and harvesting and transport equipment. Additionally, we can serve you with Chrysal flower nutrition, growth support utensils and greenhouse equipment.

While processing the flowers to prepare it for the market, many processing steps are needed like grading, wrapping and tying. In many occasions, these steps can be automated in favour of handling capacity or time and cost efficiency. Depending on the type of flower a number of machines exist that can help bunching the flowers. Have a look at our machines section on the right to find out more.

Fruit and vegetable growers

Large scale production of fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers asks for a professional approach in terms of organisation and handling. Many crops need to be supported during the whole season, which asks for taylor made products like plant protecting hooks and clips.

Additionally, much produce needs sorting and grading to distinguish different qualities and sizes. With larger quantities, grading becomes a time-consuming process, which can be easily taken over by highly sophisticated machinery. In most cases, machines will process the produce quicker as well as more accurate, with some applications allowing to even check internal characteristics of the produce.