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Shears and secateurs

We focus on quality and durability in our choice of products and certainly part of this policy are the shear and secateurs we supply. We have chosen to supply the highly rated Felco shears and secateurs. We have been an official distributor of Felco for many years now and are in close contact with Felco Australia. We have servicing capacity for the products as well, including the FelcoTronic.

The most popular item of the Felco range is the Cut and Hold (Felco #100), particularly popular with rose growers. For a full overview of all Felco shears and secateurs, please visit the Felco website.

Processing Equipement

An additional product that we stock is a pruning shear with a short or long nose. These shears are specifically made for delicate pruning and are very popular in the fruit growing industry. We also supply a swiss made pruning (pocket) knife with the edged top, which gives an extra bit to each cut you make.

Processing Equipement Processing Equipement