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The Viscon range of products is not restricted to the horticultural industry only. The list below is taken from the Viscon website to show the variety of products we can offer you. Most of these products are standard modular units to fit in a (semi-) automated processing line. This also means that the design and engineering has been continuously developed over the years. Alternatively, custom made units can be produced to match the usually client specific needs. The list of products includes the following:

- Belt and chain conveyors

- Stacking and de-stacking

- Handling systems

- Loading and unloading

- Packaging machines

- Case packers

- product Coding and identification

- Robotic technology

- Software

- Crate and bin washing machines

- Palletising and de-palletising

- Sorting systems

- Storage systems

- Weighers

- Wrapping and strapping

- Special machines

In general, what Viscon is reknown for are processing lines. These lines can be fully automatic, but in some cases some manual processing is required, due to the high sensitivity of the product or the particular size of the product. In many cases (especially in the horticultural sector) grading machines cover most of the handling. However, with larger scale enterprises a lot of basic processing is required like stacking/de-stacking boxes and putting them on a pallet, which can be replaced by Viscon equipment. Not only does this reduce labour cost, it also improved the OH&S situation due to the elimination of lifting and carrying of boxes or crates. By combining the products as mentioned above, processing lines can be created, which could include harvesting systems, in- and output buffer systems, check-weigh lines, flowpacking and/or and empty crate/box processing.

RTS projects

Another feature that can be added to any product processing line is a monitoring system. Within the specialisation of horticultural produce harvesting and processing an important characteristic to be monitored is the weight of the final product. In other words, the amount of weight given away should be minimized to have maximum production yield. RTS projects designs and manufactures custom made weight monitoring systems, which can include tracking of the product from the farm into the pack shed and through the whole processing line. As part of a Viscon processing line, this service has offered many benefits to managers of farms and pack sheds, allowing them to closely monitor the performance of both crop and personel. Please have a look at the RTS projects website for more information.