Plants in pots with high stems are generally supported by (bamboo)stakes. To connect the plant to the stakes, various methods are aviailable. One of these methods is a plastic clipring. We supply two types of cliprings, both developed and produced in the heart of the Dutch horticultural centre. Our main supplier for growth support products is BATO. Hortraco has exclusive distribution rights of BATO products in Australia.


The BATO clipring is a result of progressing development and focusses on handling simplicity. The specially made ‘horns’ allow you to open the ring with great ease. Of course, various sizes are available, being 16mm, 20mm and 25mm rings. Visit the BATO website for further information.


Alternatively, Nieuwkoop has been supplying the horticultural industry with their Simex clips for decades. Slightly different to the BATO cliprings, these clips are made for less sensitive stems. Simex clip rings are a popular item pricewise and we carry all three sizes (16mm, 20mm and 25mm) in stock. Nieuwkoop also produces Nie-Co-Rolls. These jojo-type string holders make sure the right tension is put on the stem of primarily orchids. They come with either a small or a large hook for optimum adaptation to your plants.