Binders are highly efficient tools to rapidly process a large number of bunches. Several manufacturers are on the market and due to the fact that these binders have a life span of over twenty years, a large number of second hand machines are available as well.


Main producer of this type of equipment is Bercomex. Their history runs back to the time when Van Den Berg and Olimex independantly produced a.o. binders. When they merged into Bercomex (together with Compas), all the knowledge about binders was combined and the new generation CRM binders are the best in the horticultural industry. However, this doesn’t mean that the ‘old’ binders have lost their value! Have a look on the BERCOMEX websitefor more information on CRM binders.


Another major manufacturer of binders is Cyklop. Cyklop specialises mainly in product strapping and wrapping and as part of their product range the AXRO binders have become a popular piece of equipment for horticultural use. For the Cyklop binders it is just as valid to mention that the ‘old’ binders are still of high value because of the durability.
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