In many occasions printed sleeves are preferred above plain sleeves. It can be to cheer up the looks, to include information or to promote the compagny name and logo. Of the first version we have standard prints in different varieties in stock. The pictures show from left to right our most popular prints: Romance White (available in various sizes), star red (50cm long, 40cm wide at the top, 15cm wide at the bottom), arch (purple, pink and green, 50x30x10cm) and alpine (white and purple, 50x40x12cm). Since some alternative prints are available as well, please don’t hesitate to call us for further enquiries.

An additional service that we can offer is a custom made print. This can be a decoration, but more popular is the printing of the compagny logo and some further infromation on the compagny or the product. Especially (potted) herbs are a popular item to pack in printed sleeves, because this product is often directly sold to the customer, without further re-packing. We import our sleeves from overseas, which means that orders for custom printed sleeves need to be placed in advance. Allow at least ten weeks of production and shipping time!