Grading and sealing

Over the years Hortraco has become distributers of AWETA machines. Within the field of (semi-)round produce like tomatoes, capsicums, apples/pears and citrus fruit, the most popular grading option is the Rollerstar. For cucumbers, with the most popular piece of equipment is the cup-grader. However, also cucumber sealers are a specialisation of AWETA, which is highly appreciated in Australia.


Besides the TRS rose grader, AWETA produces a large number of grading applications for many fruits and vegetables. Their grading machines are reknown for their quality and durability with many application having a second or even third life at different locations.

The graders come in different sizes and applications, but they all have the same output, a product graded on weight, size, colour and/or internal and external quality. While combining these characteristics, machines with over 20 outputs are a common feature. However, if there is no need for more detailed grading than on weight or size, machines with only 6 to 8 exits are normally sufficient. These smaller scale machines are very popular for starters or growers with little experience with automatic grading. The larger ones, on the other hand, are often custom made (including a growers specific infeed line) for those having more experience in automatic grading.

The machines are suitable for various fruits including apples, pears, citrus, stone fruits, kiwi’s and (sub-) tropical fruits as well as vegetables including (cherry) tomatoes, capsicums, cucumbers, egg plants and zucchinies.

cucumber sealers

A special item within the AWETA range of products is the cucumber sealer. This sealer is a very popular product for cucumber growers, because it allows them to prolong the life cycle of the cucumber substantially. That way it makes the cucumber a less vulnerable product for transport and handling especially within the larger distribution networks of the supermarket industry.

The AWETA website can help you investigate your options. However, since we are very familiar with these machines, it would be our pleasure to discuss your options with you and try to configure an optimum solution.