Our plain sleeves come in many sizes and thicknessess. Sizes range from 35cm long to 70cm, with 5cm intervals. Also the widths vary for both the top and the bottom of the sleeve. We supply sleeves made from 30micron CPP plastic and 40micron BOPP plastic. The 30micron sleeves are slightly more flexible and less strong, which generally means that for flower bunches with non-flexible stems the 40micron sleeves are preferred. Our sleeves come on a wicker with regularly aligned holes, which makes it easy to hang the sleeves on two or three hooks. For a free-to-move approach we supply sleeve stands, which allows you to bunch wherever you want.

With the sleeves, various options are available, including a micro-punched version of the 30 micron sleeves and sleeves with a sealed bottom for pots. The micro-punched sleeves have small holes all over the sleeve to allow for so-called ‘breathing’ of the plants/flowers. The bottom-sealed sleeves on the other hand are especially made for carrying pots. A particularly popular use is potted herbs. Extra feature can be a drainage hole in the lower part of the sleeve.

Occasionally it can happen that your prefered size is not directly available in stock. To overcome this, we have a cutting machine available at-site to make any intermediate size you want.