In Australia, climatological circumstances can be harsh. Plants need protection from sunburn and gusty winds. Moreover, some produce is highly sensitive to an overdosis or shortage in temperature and sunlight. To create the optimum growth circumstances for your plants, we can supply you with a range of products, including greenhouse film and different shading applicatons. Please have a look at Agri-Polyane

Air circulation

A basic piece of equipment within greenhouses is the air circulation fan. These fans help distributing temperatures evenly over the whole room and prevents so-called hot (or cold) spots. We have a standard fan in stock and can deliver you anything in the product range of our supplier, Munters. Please visit the Munters website for more details.


For a more sophisticated greenhouse solution, a glasshouse is the ultimum in crop protection and climate regulation, allowing you to get the most out of your plants. Since 90% of our products are sourced from Europe, we have good contacts with many specialists in the horticultural industry. We can advise on a range of expert glasshouse builders.