Tying the bunch of flowers together is a delicate task. The string or rubber band needs to be tight enough to hold the bunch together, but not too tight to damage the stems. With a larger number of bunches to be processed, some tools and equipment can come in handy.

If bunching manually, rubber bands are the preferred option. We stock more than ten different types of rubber bands, varying in width and length. However, the preferred method for bunching by flower growers is the binder. This is a small machine, which allows you to quickly tye a piece of string around the stems at the tightness you desire. More information on the binder itself can be found by clicking on the binders section on the right. What is needed for the binder however is the elastic string. We stock this string in various colours and strength, making it adaptable to any type of flower(bunch).

Another product we sell is the tape to hold the wrapping sheet together. Again, various colours are available. Besides the tape, we also sell tape dispensers with or without extension arm. This way the tape dispenser can be mounted to suit your position.

A further tool which can be helpful with bunching is the bunchcutter. This robust piece of equipment can be mounted to the bunching table and makes leveling of the stems at the bottom easy. These bunchcutters come in two sizes, with the larger one made for tougher stems.