We are the NSW representative and distributor for the Klorman Industries’ agricultural products. These products are their Buccaneer system and their in line unit.

The Buccaneer system is an in line unit, able to accurately dose calcium hypochlorite in your water supply infrastructure to effect control on most waterborne pathogens. They come in three versions, the reservoir unit, the free flow unit and the standard unit. Secondly, there is the Klorman in line unit, which is an affordable and flexible alternative for Buccaneer system. Although less accurate, the unit is easily relocated and can be connected to any hose at end-user level. Of course, we also supply the cartridges for both units as well as spare parts.

We are happy to forward you to the Klorman industries website, which contains plenty of information on these products or feel free to contact us for further information.


Download Buccaneer Cartridge MSDS

Download Klorman Cartridge MSDS