Within the large number of horticultural machinery manufacturers available on the market, one has made an additional step in the field of automated packaging and/or processing of produce. This company is the Visser group. The Visser group has several daughter companies focussing on automation within particular markets, with Viscon being one of them.

During its 40 years existence, Viscon has explored many markets and has established a large product range within the automation industry. The concept is simple. Any product that needs to be weighted, labelled, (un)packed, (de)stacked, (de)palletized, strapped, washed and moved between these processes or stored at (un)conditioned locations can be approached with a form of automation. It could be the whole procedure, but most often semi-automation already is a time and expenses saving solution.

Viscon in Australia

The Australian produce market was generally unfamiliar with the possibility of automated produce handling and its benefits. When we started exploring the market, we immediately had a very positive response from the first markets that we targeted. These markets were the tomato and mushroom market and the hatchery industry. In these industries a vast amount of normally manually executed work can be taken over by product processing machines and conveyor systems. Within a short time frame of three years we managed to perform a respectable number of projects.

Viscon Australia is fully independent from Viscon the Netherlands. Our affiliation with Viscon the Netherlands is based on common interest in supplying the Australian markets with automation products. Viscon the Netherlands provides the technical know-how and products, whereas we deal with the organisation of the project and the maintenance of the processing lines. Installation is done mutually. Please have a look at the Viscon website for more information on the significant number of automation options we can offer you.

Our own technicians have the experience to install machines and are able to deal with mechanical problems on the spot. If problems persist, we will organise all that is needed to rapidly solve the problem in cooperation with the overseas manufacturer. Additionally, we are able to do modifications of existing machines.