Wired hooks form the basic support for long stem plants. We supply hooks complete with twine according to your requirements. These tomato hooks come in 18cm or 21cm length and all different lenghts of twine. The length of the twine in particular is a choice of the grower. We stock hooks with 12m twine and an additional 3m freefall. This freefall is the part of the twine which drops to the floor once the hooks has been hung. An additional option is the so-called Quick Hang System. In this case the hooks are hooked on a piece of cardboard and 28 pieces can be hung sequentially at high speed.

The hooks can be supplied in different colours and twine length and can even be aligned for you as part of the quick hang system. However, due to the fact that orders are often client specific, production and transport times can be as long as 9 to 10 weeks. Therefore, please discuss your requirements with us in time!