Bunching lines are a common feature in many flower farms in Australia. They are appreciated for their simplicity and efficiency. With only a few hands, many flowers can be processed.


By far the largest producer of these bunching lines is Bercomex. In the early days Van den Berg was one of the main producers of these bunching lines. Bercomex emerged from a fusion between Van Den Berg, Compas and Olimex. The concept of the flower processing lines is clear. with a constant infeed of flowers it allows you to rapidly make bunches and have these processed further according to your wishes. The lines come with many options as per following list:

Bulb remover – cutting the bulbs from tulips

Saw unit – cutting all bunches to the same length

Deleafer unit – removing lower leafs

Double binders – binding twice at different heights on the bunch

Sleeving space – allowing manual sleeving inbetween two binding units or behind the binder(s)

Collection belt / turning table – allowing for piling up of bunches to be able to fill buckets at once

There are a large number of flower processing lines in the world and as a result many second hand machines are available. We are confident in saying that we able to supply you with a machine that accurately suits your needs. For more information on this product, please visit the BERCOMEX website.