Flower grading

The most familiar flower to be graded is the rose. Many manufacturers have come up with solutions to delicately grade and bundle this highly valued product. In general, two types of graders are available, being the so-called cup-grader and the so-called fork-grader. Cup grading is an older system, but still very popular with large headed flowers like some Australian natives and proteas. The fork graders really specialise on roses only. Roses are hung in the forks and the length is measured while the roses crosses a length sensor. Optional is a camera to scan the rose to identify how far it has opened. On this indicator a different grading station can be selected. The graded roses are automatically binded and cut to even bunches in the bunching stations. So far we have imported 23 fork grading machines in Australia..


The most popular rose/fork grading machine is the AWETA TRS. With a handling capacity of up to 9,500 roses per hour it is a highly efficient machine. The machines come with a number of bunching stations, which can be easily programmed according to your particular needs. Most versions in Australia came with 6 stations. Please have a look at the AWETA website for more information or don’t hesitate to call us.

Bercomex rosematic and floramatic

In the early days Olimex was one of the producers of the Rosematic. After Bercomex emerged from a fusion between Van Den Berg, Compas and Olimex, they continued with the production of this machine as well as the FloraMatic. The concept of these machines is similar to the TRS. Bercomex even allows the forks to be adjusted to make them suited for other single head flowers as well, like Gerbera’s and Proteas. Please have a look at the BERCOMEX websitefor more information or don’t hesitate to call us.

Jamafa Rose grader

An interesting alternative to the above two manufacturers is Jamafa. This company is not as large as AWETA and Bercomex, but they have certain fields of specialisation. One of these fields is flower grading. Not only do they have a fork grader, they also produce a cup/tray grader, which can be used for many different flowers. It is a highly efficient and yet simple and easy to maintain machine for an affordable price! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions!