To transport and display flowers a large number of different carries are available. We stock several types, which can be seen on the picture and we supply other sizes on request. Our stocked items come in a round and square green 4L bucket, 10L and 13L round black buckets and 15L square white buckets.

Appropriate to the mentioned bucket sizes, stands are available which give you the opportunity to display your flowers on a restricted space. Some stands can be folded for easy transport while others have wheels for transport over short distances. Feel free to visit our warehouse in Mt Druitt for an inspection.

Procona buckets

A special type of bucket, specifically made for the transport of flowers is the procona bucket. This rectangular bucket comes in different dimensions and can be extended in height with a piece of cardboard, on which a lid can be put. On this lid, a next layer of buckets can be stacked, which allows you to normally fill up a pallet in the most economic way. We have a few of these buckets in stock, but normally we order them in according to the specific dimensions and colours required. Even company logo’s can be included on the procona buckets.

Stick Labels

Stick labels are the most convenient way to provide information about a certain product. This can be an indication of, for example, what is planted in a bed of bulbs or how much the flowers in a particular bucket cost. We stock the labels with the blackboard ‘write-on’ top as well as plain white ones.