Our main tray supplier is Modiform. Since the end of the eighties they have been focussing on market gardening and plug production. Their main focus is on transport trays, nursery trays and seedling trays.

Due to good cooperation and communication with customers and willingness to invest in new ideas, Modiform has grown to become market leader in thermoformed packaging and nursery trays for market gardening. A new or modified product is added to the range of products almost weekly.

As with the pots, also trays come with a large variety of drainage concepts. The full range contains both round and square pots transport trays, propagations trays, seedling trays, shuttle trays and so-called handbag trays. Of course, all Modiform trays satisfy highest requirements for present day automation.

We are able to supply you with all these products. We can organise a continuous supply on the condition that a clear forecast is given in advance, as we generally don’t stock any trays due to the massive variety in products. Even Modiform admits they don’t have all items in stock.

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