We have good reasons to call ourselves one of the larger importers of horticultural machinery in Australia. The main reason for this is that we have the best contacts in this industry. Our main contact is the Visser group. This enterprise designs and manufactures machines and complete production lines for both large and small horticultural enterprises.

Part of the Visser Group is Visser I.T.E, which specialises in nursery applications. Basic examples of such applications are pot fillers, seeding units, visual grading systems and pot handling machinery. Not only pot related applications can be supplied, also tray based applications for seedlings is a major field of expertise for Visser I.T.E., with their automatic transplanting applications as the ultimate seedling handling. Please visit the Visser I.T.E website for an overwhelming number of applications.

Apart from new applications, we also have the contacts to supply you with second hand machinery. This of course depends on availability, but with several contacts in the industry, we are confident that we can find the optimum machine that suits your demands.

Moreover, we are equiped with technical personel, who are able to give you technical support, service the machines and even design and construct small applications.