We are the wholesale supplier of Klasmann-Deilmann products in NSW. Klasmann-Deilmann products are reknown for their quality and versitality. Klasmann-Deilmann aims to supply each client with the exact product they need. We as wholesalers carry a range of peat moss products in stock and, on order, we are able to supply you with the exact substrate you require.

Lithuanian peat moss

Probably the most popular item we stock is the Lithuanian (white) peat, both the standard and fine. This product is ideal for soil improvement and as basis for the manufacture of growing media. The granular sizes for fine peat are 0-10mm and for standard peat they are 0-25mm. All products come in the new 200L bags. For further information, please have a look at the Klasmann-Deilmann website or call us.

special mixes

If you have a look at the Klasmann-Deilmann website, you’ll find an enormous variety of products, all suited for specific purposes. As wholesalers, we do carry some of these products in stock, like the pH-adjusted base substrate and plug mixes, but it would be very ambitious to carry all products. Therefore we would like to invite you either call us to discuss your particular needs or use the Klasmann-Deilmann website as a guide to identify the product that is best suited to your needs. Again, we do not stock all products so an import lead time of 10 weeks should be kept in mind.